Monday, 13 September 2010

Lucky 15 Bet

Lucky 15 Explained

Lucky 15 bets sound complicated.....but are in fact really easy once you understand them! Lucky 15 entails 15 different bets made on a selection of 4 horses that cover a full selection of different results.
The Lucky 15 consists of:
  • 4 single bets
  • 6 double bets
  • 4 treble bets
  • 1 four horse accumulator
Let's look at this in more detail.
You start off by simply making a bet on four different horses to win on any racing day in four different races.
The next thing which happens sometimes causes confusion. These 4 horses are "permed" (or divided) into doubles, trebles and an accumulator:
  • A double bet is any two horses winning where the money won on the first horse is rolled into the second horse.
  • A treble bet is any three horses winning and the money won on the previous two horses is rolled onto the third horse.
  • An accumulator is on all four horses with the winnings rolled up on on to each horse.
Therefore if two of your horses win, then you will win two singles and one double.
If just one of your horses wins, then you will win one single.
Below I show an example of how a treble would work:
$10 treble:
Horse no1 wins at 3/1 = $40 on the next
Horse no2 wins at evens = $80 on the next
Horse no3 wins at 2/1= the bet finishes with $240 returns
With the double, treble and accumulator bets you have an 'all cover bet' where all potential winning results are covered.
Just one winning selection guarantees a return;but obviously the more winners you get the better!
Finally if you choose the right bookie then you will get the following bonuses paid:
1. Only get one winner- you will get Double the ODDS for that winner (some pay treble odds).
2. 10% Bonus on returns for four winners- Not all bookmakers do this but if you do manage to find one which does then take it.
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